"Dear Elder Crandall: you are hereby called to serve as a missionary
for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
You are assigned to labor in the Colombia Barranquilla Mission.
It is anticipated that you will serve a period of 24 months...
You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish Language."


"And it came to pass that I, Nephi, beheld the power of the Lamb of God,
that it descended upon the saints of the church of the Lamb,
and upon the covenant people of the Lord,
who were scattered upon all the face of the earth;
and they were armed with righteousness
and with the power of God in great glory."
(1 Nephi 14:14)

Monday, December 7, 2015


December 7, 2015

Paraiso Ward
Paraiso Stake
Companions:  Elder Tijerino & Elder Godfrey

Hey guys!

Things are crazy right now.  So this morning President advised us that tomorrow my companion from Arizona goes home due to sickness and my other companion from Costa Rica goes home Thursday also due to sickness.  So as for now, I'm stuck without a companion for a week until I get back home!  Still not sure what's going down with all that but I'll keep you updated!  We also have a pretty busy week so we aren't sure what's going to happen!

Things are going great though!  It was nice skyping with the family on Sunday on my birthday.   I also enjoyed going to the First Presidency Christmas devotional.  We were going to bring 2 investigators with us but they both cancelled last minute.  They missed out!  I really felt the spirit and really liked the music.  It was very spiritual. 

J--- D--- is also progressing a lot.  He gets along super well with the members and they are always asking us about him.  He currently lives here in Barranquilla with his aunt while he is studying.  His aunt doesn't really like ¨the mormons´ so there's been a little conflict there. We just want to show her that we are nice people too!  We are going to try and pass by to see what happens.

Alright so to explain the title!  This last week we had a meeting with President Searle and the stake president to talk about the wards and their progress.  When we got there President Sealre asks me ¨did you see your picture in the Liahona (one of the church magazines)?¨  That confused me because I didn't remember anyone taking a picture of me or anything.  So the next day I got a hold of a Liahona magazine and looked for my pictures.  Sure enough in the local section there was a picture of me with a convert that I got to baptize in Santo Tomas, Erick Ramos.  He was the one that was 14 that was literally the golden investigator!  Oh that made me feel so good.  Erick submitted the story of his conversion and sent in a picture.  He is such a good guy.  He will have an influence in the church here in the furture!  I'll include some pics.  I'm so happy!

Well I'm so grateful for my mission!  I've learned and grown so very much.  Well have a great week everyone!

Elder Crandall