"Dear Elder Crandall: you are hereby called to serve as a missionary
for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
You are assigned to labor in the Colombia Barranquilla Mission.
It is anticipated that you will serve a period of 24 months...
You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish Language."


"And it came to pass that I, Nephi, beheld the power of the Lamb of God,
that it descended upon the saints of the church of the Lamb,
and upon the covenant people of the Lord,
who were scattered upon all the face of the earth;
and they were armed with righteousness
and with the power of God in great glory."
(1 Nephi 14:14)

Monday, April 14, 2014


April 14, 2014

Ciudadela Ward, El Carmen Stake
Companion:  Elder Villarreal

Hey friends and family,

Hope everything is going great!  All is well here.  This next week we have 2 baptisms, of M-------- and V--------.  They're really awesome and are so spiritual.  I also will have pics next week too from the baptism.  Excited and nervous!  I want to try really hard to work and bring people close to God.  It's a little challenging though.  My Spanish is coming along and I'm becoming more and more fluent everyday.  It's just a process so I know that little by little I will learn!  

Yesterday there were some people carrying around the palm tree leaves for Palm Sunday. Most everyone we talk to is Catholic.  They celebrate a lot with a lot of parties and loud music. Like Saturday night it was hard for us to sleep because the block over was blasting music until about 3 in the morning!

Also this upcoming week Elder Waddell from our area presidency is coming and we get to talk with him.  He said one of the prayers during General Conference.  He is awesome and I had the chance to meet him in the CCM in Bogota.  I think I remember our mission president say that he is going to tour our mission but I'm not sure!

This week we also had the opportunity to teach English which was fun and funny.  We had 6 of our investigators, 4 future investigators, and 1 recent convert show up.  It was a fun time teaching pronunciation and other things.  A lot of the schools teach English but I guess they only really teach grammatical things so the kids didn't really know how to speak it!  Too fun. We are planning on doing that every Saturday.

J-------- and K-------- also have been progressing well and opening up more to us.  They want to learn more and more and are keeping every commitment which is so great!  We didn't have a chance to meet with G-------- and his family this week due to meetings and other last minute changes to our schedule but 2 of his kids came to the English class which was great!

Tonight for family night we are going over to the O--------'s house and watching a church movie.  It will be fun.  It always is!

Well my thought this week has to do with a talk that I received in the mail from a member of my ward (Bro. Dave Bang) titled "Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence" by Elder Holland.  Wow, such a cool talk!  It has many points in the talk but the one I wanted to talk about is about fear being one of Satan's tools.  The scriptures that he cites are Hebrews 10:32,35,36,38,39.  The scriptures tell us to fear not, do not draw back, do not give up or doubt knowledge you once experienced.  All too often in this world we will feel so confident about something but then doubt and quiver due to second thoughts or other fears.  A great example of this in the scriptures is when Moses was going to split the Red Sea in Exodus 14.  The children of Israel, when they see the Red Sea in front of them, the desert on all sides, and the Pharaoh and his army behind them begin to doubt and say something like ´it would have been better for us to be servants to the Egyptians than to die in the wilderness.´  This response may seem like a reasonable choice unless you know the entire story.  Earlier in the history The Lord had given many miracle signs to the people like locusts and the river of blood and even delivered them out of bondage from the Egyptians.  But, when they were good on their way and came to an obstacle, they doubted.  Doubt truly is a tool of Satan.  He will use this tool in times when we have felt so sure of something or felt such great light and then he will have us doubt that only to miss out on a great opportunity.  The lesson here is to not doubt previous light and stick to the Lord and the Holy Ghost and we will be happy.

Well I hope everyone is doing great and has a great week!  

Love and miss you all!
Elder Crandall